Location of the terminal box and terminals

Terminal block

The terminal box is located in the upper part of the housing, the cable entry can rotate 90 ° in four positions as in Figure 1.
In motors mounted horizontally, the cable entry is normally located on the right (looking at the motor from the shaft side).

1: standard position
2, 3, 4: special positions

An additional box can be provided for the connection of accessories such as heating elements or thermal protector. This box is attached to the main terminal box. On request, motors can be supplied without Terminal box, with free leads.

"Terminals and grounding":

The maximum number of terminals and the maximum permissible current is shown in Table A. The amount of auxiliary is permissible as a function of the number of terminals required to the motor and the presence or absence of an additional terminal box. For PTC thermistors require two terminals. Two terminals are also required for connection of the heating elements.

In the terminal box there is a ground connection; an additional ground connection is present on the housing.


• Housing, shields and terminal box are made of aluminum for all sizes.

• Fan cover: made by treated sheet steel, shaped to obtain the maximum performance and reduce noise created by the fan.

• Fan: has been the subject of special study to reduce noise and improve performance. It is of the radial type to permit rotation in both clockwise and counterclockwise. It is of thermoplastic material, non-sparking.

• Windings: insulating materials are used in class F and H. These materials allow the use of motors in tropical climates. On request they execute additional treatments for very humid environments and / or corrosive. For a longer life of the insulation and to allow temporary overloads overheating of motors is normally within the limits of class F.

• Rotor: rotor's squirrel cage type, die cast aluminium and is suitable for direct starting.

• Shaft: C40 steel, on request is made of stainless 38NiCrMo4, for heavy duty, or in stainless steel AISI-420/431, or AISI-316/304.

• Screws: standard steel 8.8 zinc-cadmium-plated, corrosion resistant.

• Cable gland (when required): brass or stainless steel.