Installation, mechanical protection and cooling

The motors can be installed outdoors in dusty, humid and aggressive (industrial environment) with temperatures between -20° C and +40° C.

Mechanical protection (IP) - table B
Three-phase motor protection systems are indicated by the letters IP followed by 2 digits and, in some cases, by a letter.

IP (International Protection):
signs indicating all types of protection against accidental contacts and against penetration of foreign bodies and water.

0-6 (first characteristic numeral):
protection against accidental contacts and against the entry of solid bodies.

0-8 (second characteristic numeral):
protection against water penetration.

W, S and M (additional letters for special security types):

-W: used for machines that are used in well established conditions and with special protective measures. The additional letter W should be placed after the IP (example IPW55).

-S, M: used for machines protected against water. The letter S indicates that protection against the entry of water is guaranteed at standstill; the letter M with moving machine (example IP56S). Missing the additional letters, the degree of protection is guaranteed for both the machine standstill and moving. Our motors are normally protected in IP55 (connection box IP65). On request we can supply motors with no ventilation in IP56 or IP57, or self-ventilated motor in IP56S.

Installation onboard, above-deck
Motors for installation on board of ships, on-deck or off-shore platforms are built in compliance with the requirements of the various naval classification bodies such as: R.I.Na., American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer LLoyd, Korean Register of Shipping, LLoyd's Register of Shipping, ...

Mounting on reducers, variators, oil-tight flanges
Flanged motors have as standard the oil seals; they are therefore suitable for direct mounting on all types of gearboxes and/or drives.

Motors without axial play
On request the motors are supplied with the drive end bearing locked, in order to prevent the shaft end play.

The engines are air cooled with external ventilation (IEC 34-6 IC 01.41 method). The radial fan is bidirectional. All motors can be supplied with assisted ventilation.