Compressors for industrial use

COMPRESSORS for industrial use

Execution with direct drive is provided with tank Lt.2,5 with pressure on / off switch and a safety valve set to 10 ATM, lubrication is splash obtained and guaranteed by the oil that is located in the crankcase of the compressor, the level is inspected by the appropriate rod levello are, the compressor BER-MAR ​​is just kind of oil lubricated.

The direct drive compressor is specifically designed to standard use, and allows small indeed it is very compact, light and easy to install.

The compressor BER-MAR ​​is supplied ready for use is already full of oil for the lubrication of the piston and the connecting rod of the crank mechanism, the standard supply pressure is  calibrated from 4 to 6 BAR.

All components are made of aluminum die cast to the exclusion of the cylinder, and the gooseneck and are designed for optimum cooling.

The BER-MAR compressors are suitable to all applications where it is necessary a compressed air requirements and in particular where there is no supply of compressed air centralized, they are particularly appreciated in the use of industrial washing machines for opening and closing solvent valves and also to providing compressed air to wheeled vehicles.

They are equipped with a single-stage pumping unit for the air demand average, the crank mechanism is guaranteed by a connecting rod-cast where the rotation of the foot is obtained by a bearing while the connecting rod eye is with a bronze bushing.

The electric motor is entirely produced by BER-MAR ​​and for its realization are used the most modern insulating materials, it ensures the compressor low power consumption and a stable operation for a long time.