Shaft end, balancing, vibration, noise

Shaft end
The end are cylindrical and comply with IEC 72. They are always provided with key and threaded hole for attachment of pulleys and couplings. With the motor you are always provided with the key. On request we can supply motors with double shaft end or with special end. In engines with 2/4, 2/6, 2/8, 2/12 poles the size of the shaft are two poles.

Balancing, vibration
table D
The rotors are dynamically balanced with full key. Vibration values are within the limits of IEC 34-14, degree "N". For special requirements, we are provided with vibration motors in degree "R" (reduced) or "S" (special). During assembly make sure that the transmission parts such as pulleys, couplings and clutches have been dynamically balanced without key (empty slot).

Noise level
The noise values were detected as per IEC 34-9. Nominal data sound pressure values are "Lp" in dB (A) for each type of motor. These values refer to motors operating without load, with frequency 50 Hz, tolerance + 3dB (A). For 60 Hz sound pressure values must be increased by about 4 dB (A).

Direct coupling
By coupling directly a motor at the machine, you have to align them properly to avoid damaging or seizing the bearings. Coupling with elastic joint is allowed on all motors; also in this case the alignment needs to be done to perfection. Observe special care when mounting two-pole motors.

Belt drive
To facilitate the assembly and adjustment of the tension of the belts, they are normally used of the slide rails. Verify that the radial loads generated by belt type are compatible with the motor. Pulleys and couplings must be mounted and removed only using special tools.