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The DRIVEMOT is a Ber-Mar product which combined in one product high efficiency and high performance, providing flexible and reliable answer to an increasingly demanding and selective market.

The combination of a high-efficiency electric motor and an Inverter saves up to 30% of electrical energy as each of its components has been specifically designed for the integrated application. The motor characteristics are pre-set in the inverter's logic in order to optimise its operation such as increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption, while also guaranteeing constant torque equal to the motor's nominal value and extremely low speed variations over the entire speed range from 10 to 70 Hz. The absence of external wiring between the motor and electronic control reduces the emission of conducted and radiated electromagnetic interference.

The electric motor is protected by the inverter against overload and overtemperature.

  • Motori monofase
  • Motori trifase
  • Motori monofase con freno in c.c e freno di stazionamento
  • Motori trifase con freno in c.c., c.a. e freno di stazionamento
  • Motori doppia polarita’ con freno in c.c. e freno di stazionamento
  • Motori trifase standard
  • Motori trifase autofrenante

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